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How Much Energy Are You Saving?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

As we get into the next academic year, Solar for Dover has been planning new and interesting ways to engage the UWC Community, and further the sustainable energy used by the Dover Campus. We saw a huge gap in news and media about what it really means to be consuming energy sustainably, so we are starting a new interactive campaign called 'How Much Energy

Am I Saving?'.

Many times, an individual can feel overwhelmed at the amount of fossil fuels and non-renewable energy consumed around them, creating a feeling of powerlessness. To help fight this feeling, we will be rolling out some example calculations to see how many Solar Panels would be need to completely run - say a classroom, or a basketball court.

We also created a table for the PA Lounge, at our presentation last week.

As you can see, we would require 17 panels at low operation hours and 34 panels at full load for the PA Lounge. Hopefully, you gained some perspective on how much solar panels can help - they aren't magic, but they definitely have a prominent place in a sustainable future.

Something else observed in the table above is how much impact each appliance has on energy consumption - through the new campaign, we also want to illustrate the importance of each and every individual controlling and minimising their energy consumption. Air conditioning, water cooling, excess lighting, and heaters should all be used in moderation.

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